Texas Is Falling


For some reason whenever I leave town which I do quite often these days after covid, everything goes to shit either at the location I go to or back at home. This time things are going to hell back home in Texas. 

For those who don't know I've been spending some time working on actual important things in Washington D.C. I had heard that it was recommended by a republican council that Ken Paxton should go to impeachment trial, but I really didn't think anything would happen, It's Texas. 

If you don't know anything about Ken Paxton he's made it into articles I've written and shows I've done multiple times in the past, he has been one of the few people in the state to actually enforce laws and push back against the insane black and mexican district attorneys in the big cities. 

In 2020 I had more respect for him than any other major government leader in the state because he was legitimately the only person who was blocking mask and vaccine mandates early on, he sued the cities that implemented any punishments and basically made any punishments handed out null and void. I appreciated that because Abbott would do nothing and locked down the state. 

Years before he was featured in the media for fighting trannies early. 

To be honest he's really not the greatest politician out there or anything but he's better than Abbott because at least he actually tries to enforce these laws as hard as possible in his position. That's something that nobody else here is willing to do. 

Now because he called out the liberal republican speaker of the house who showed up drunk to work on the house floor, he has been impeached by Texas republicans. 

This is something I really hate about Texas politics is that so many of these boomers that elect these idiots are just okay with the same old same old good ol' boys while the state is going to hell and is being invaded by third-world rapists and murderers. 

Texas is obviously going to be the next state to go blue based off the massive amount of illegal immigrants coming here, adding to the major amount of west coast liberals that have moved here over the past 20 years. Every election it just gets closer and closer. 

I read that the black nobody of a congressman Colin Allred is only 5 points behind Ted Cruz in polls for next years senate election. 

This guy actually unseated a long time Dallas republican congressman when he won a few years ago. I sadly don't doubt that he could beat Ted Cruz. 

Seeing this makes me just not want to come back but I have to keep up the fight! I'll be back doing shows within the next week or so and next year I will go full throttle with election coverage, we can't let these mexicans take back Texas, at that point you can say goodbye to a chance for Trump.