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Lockdowns Returning? Media Hypes Up COVID Strain... Again

  It's been quite a while since I have written an article, mainly because we aren't on our old (and superior) layout and I won't be able to get a developer to manage it at least until late this year or early 2024.  However I have decided to make a return to writing after seeing my prediction on COVID lockdowns coming true.  It looks like governments around the world including ours are preparing for the return of the COVID lockdowns.  Atlanta Journal-Constitution : A week after classes began, Morris Brown College is once again requiring students and employees to wear face masks on campus.  The small, private Atlanta college announced the mask mandate Sunday in a letter to faculty, staff and students, saying the requirement and other COVID-19 safety protocols will be in place for two weeks. The college cited “reports of positive cases among students in the Atlanta University Center” as the reason for the decision. I have been talking about the possible return of lockdowns on