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UPDATE: Sorry for the recent no shows, let me do my thing!

  You might've noticed that lately I have been getting behind on broadcasting "Weekday Update."  Trust me, there's a reason, and it isn't some silly excuse! First of all I want to thank all of the new members of "The SBG Circle," we have now officially SOLD OUT, of "SBG Circle Slots." As of now, I do not know when I will make more slots available, and as I said before they will be at a higher price than the original slots were set at. (I'm thinking of releasing 10 invites for the holiday season later this year, we'll see!) Personally, I've been slightly disheartened lately with the direction some of you people have been attempting to take the show in, after all I am a man of the people! With that being said there's only so much BS one man can take, and lately the amount of drama, and other ridiculous circus sideshow trash that has been thrown around in "The SBG Show/Weekday Update Chatroom" and in turn on the broadcast